Sunday, January 26, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

I know what you might be thinking Christmas is over why are you posting about Elf on the shelf? Well let me tell you its not as easy as it looks having to come up with a different idea EVERY SINGLE DAY is hard work,It became an everyday job for a whole month! I mean I would walk up and down my house at night looking and thinking..What should Elf do next? Our Elf's name is ELF, My kids named him. How original right ?

Haven't heard of Elf on the shelf is ? click here elf on the shelf

I wanted to give you all a head start and share my ideas of what I did for the month of december for our it goes...

DAY 1: Elf made his arrival..hanging off our christmas tree

DAY 2: So sad but it must have been a very busy day because I FORGOT to get a picture of Elf that day (he was hanging from our dinning room ceiling fan)

DAY 3:Elf was caught chatting with some friends and looks like he might have a thing for barbie!

DAY 4:My kids woke up to Elf and some presents wrapped under the tree that morning..the catch was if they misbehaved in any way Elf would take a present back to north pole!

DAY 5:Elf was feeling a little too comfortable..he helped himself to some chocolate chips.Evidence is all over his mouth

DAY 6:Elf was held hostage..I guess thats what happens when you come NEW "favorite" around here.

DAY 7:The sweet revenge!

DAY 8:Elf practicing his gymnastics (my daughter does gymnastics so she thought this was so cool that Elf was doing what she does)

DAY 9:The note reads:"Dear Melrose and Princeton, I hope you don't mind that I used your marshmallows to take a bath"-The one and only ELF

DAY 10:Stuck or getting ice? Who knows..LOL

DAY 11:Elf was caught taking selfies of himself! Who doesn't love selfless!

DAY 12:Found Elf hosting a annual toy meeting in Princeton's room

DAY 13:Elf had movie night with a heath bar and some popcorn

DAY 14:Reading his very own book

DAY 15:Poor Elf, he caught a cold after coming from the north pole

DAY 16:Elf cut some snow flakes out of coffee liners

DAY 17:Looks like Elf was getting excited for christmas..he started a count down

DAY 18:ELF enjoyed himself some homemade gingerbread cookies that we made the night before

DAY 19:This day we were getting ready to leave for big bear and my kids could not find Elf anywhere and little did they know..He was already in the car buckled up and ready to go with us!

DAY 20:Elf got front seating on the drive home

DAY 21:Elf whipped up some yummy red veldt cupcakes

DAY 22:This was one of those days where I could not think of one thing to do! so here it is..Elf hanging from my sons basketball hoop..My son though it was quite funny that Elf wanted to "play" basketball

DAY 23:Sneaky little Elf wrote on Melrose and Princeton's picture

DAY 24:Elf was so excited for christmas he made a snow angel

DAY 25: CHRISTMAS DAY! Elf sat around the cookies and Milk we left out with his luggage packed and a sweet note to Melrose and Princeton along with 2 special presents especially from him.

PHEWWW..that was a long but fun 25 days of december..It was a bitter sweet moment having to say good-bye to Elf that night. Before Elf would leave I let my kids give him a big huge (my daughter was too emotional,She refused to give him a hug,she wanted nothing to do with saying good-bye to him). My son on the other hand happily gave a hug good-bye.Heres a picture from that night.

I Hope you Enjoyed our 25 days with Elf!

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  1. Hi Chandrea, I was looking for your old post about the tissue paper craft, the number 5 decor. Can you please post it back again if it is possible ? :) Thanks,Sowmya.