Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY birthday centerpieces *Doc Mcstuffins theme


So my daughters birthday is coming up and I am planning a Doc Mcstuffins birthday party for her. I started making her centerpieces and thought this was the perfect time to share my very first DIY centerpiece with you. Keep reading to learn how to make these and just so you know you can make these with ANY character as well!


-Printed character of your choice

-Card stock or scrapbook paper

-Mason jar (I picked the standard size)


-Wood sticks (I got mine at Joanns)

-Styrofoam (dollar tree has these for $1 dollar a pack)

-Tulle *you will need 2 16in x 16in pieces for each jar *You can use more than 2 pieces if you'd like


-Glue gun


-Get your characters printed and laminated *Be sure to cut your characters out before laminating them

-Glue characters to paper *only glue around edges and DO NOT GLUE bottom of character (you'll see why as we move along)

-Cut around card stock leaving about 1/2 an in around character

-This is what it should look like

STEP 2:,P>

-Cut foam into big/small enough size to fit into your mason jar *DONT PUT IT IN JUST YET

-Cut your tulle into 16in x 16in *2 pieces for each jar that way you can't see the foam in the jar

-Lay your tulle over jar


-Glue bottom of foam *glue the side that will be down at the bottom of the jar

-Push glue side down into the tulle and jar


-Break sticks in half *break of more if needed

-Stick wood in-between the paper and chacarter

-This is what it should look like *This is why I mentioned to only glue around character and not to glue bottom

While making these I accidentally glue the paper and character together and wasn't able to get the stick in-between! *stuffy the dragon was the only one I was able to stick in-between.


Now stick you character into the styrofoam and jar

Cut off any extra tulle to your liking

Much better


Last but not least

Tie the ribbon of your choice to your jar

6 simple steps, thats all!

I hope you are loving your homemade centerpieces, and had fun making them!

Come back soon for another step by step tutorial

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  1. Where did you get the characters to print? My daugthers birthday is in 3 weeks and i would like to do something special like i did last year.