Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun easy Easter egg dying

Hey Everyone! Easter is Sunday so I thought I'd share this fun little technique for dying your eggs!

-food dye
-cups to put your dye in
-white crayon

Boil eggs and let them completely cool before dyeing.
In a cup put 2 tablespoons on white vinegar with 1 cup of hot water. Add the color of your choice and stir. Repeat for other colors. (Add more dye for more vibrant colors) 

Write on egg with white crayon and submerge egg into cup. Leave it in for about 5-10 mins.
This is how my eggs came out! 

Although this was fun for me, My kids on the other hand had no interest in just watching their eggs being dyed in a cup they wanted to paint them. So continue reading to find out how they painted their eggs.


From the dye I made for dyeing my eggs. I poured a little of each color into a little cup for them, and gave them a q-tip for each color. Although the colors don't come out vibrant at all my kids just love the fact that they are painting. I found this was easiest and cleanest way for them to paint with no splashing and minimal dripping.

These are the only eggs I was able to take a picture of before my kids ate them all up!

Enjoy! Happy Easter!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY shirt deisgn

Hi Everyone, Its been a while but I'm back!

Have you ever seen a shirt with a cute quote, saying or picture that you just loved but when looking at the price tag its just ridiculously priced? Especially if its for your child.

Well this is where I got the idea to make the shirt myself without spending a crazy amount!

Im sure we all have that one plain shirt at home, why not make into something fun!

Remember you can use this technique on many different things like a purse, jacket or sweater!


Printable Iron on Paper

A shirt (or whatever you will be ironing on)



You're going to get your image or wording printed *I would suggest to practing printing before printing on actual transfer paper

I did all my wording on a word document



Get your iron ready and be sure to read the directions on your packaging that way you know how long to iron your image for.

Iron image


Peel paper after ironing

*One thing I did wrong on my first try was peeling the paper off right after ironing, Wait a few seconds for it too cool down then peel and DO NOT OVER IRON it will burn the shirt, I know because it happened to me on my first shirt..oppsss

Step 4:

Enjoy your Shirt!

Here are a few that I made

Monday, February 17, 2014

Candy buffet labels

Are you planning a birthday, wedding or baby shower? And want to make your own candy buffet labels. Im here to show you guys a quick and easy way to make these labels to your liking with just a few materials!


A frame..I bought mine at Ikea click here for frames

card stock or some kind of paper to use as a background

printed wording or numbers etc.


This is super simple yet so cute to make!

Step 1:

Cut the excess paper around your wording

Step 2:

Cut card stock to the size of your frame

Step 3:

Tape or glue your wording to card stock *Dont use hot glue

Put it al together inside the frame


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To my Husband

To Husband, My best friend, My other half, My companion, My biggest supporter

3 years ago I became your wife.

One of my happiest days, saying I do!

I am forever lucky and blessed to have you in my life


Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Stethoscope

Hi Everyone! Welcome back!

Im here today to show you guys step by step how to make a fun and easy stethoscope. This can be used for a birthday party to be put in goody bags or just a fun craft to do with your kids. Best part is these can be for boys and girls with just a switch of colors. Im currently making these for my daughters 5th birthday (DOC MCSTUFFINS THEME). Continue reading to find out how to make them!



-Felt fabric *3 DIFFERENT COLORS


-Pipe cleaners

-Glue gun



-Using the felt color of your choice cut 2 circles *You will need 2 for each stethoscope you make

-Using 2 pipe cleaners, twist them together and bend into a U shape


-Cut your ribbon to your desired length

-Fold ribbon over pipe cleaner and glue


-Glue both felt circles together leaving a big enough gap to fit ribbon inbetween both circles


-Using a different felt color you are going to cut a rectangular shape (band-aid shape) remember to cut it small enough to fit on your circle

-Cut a heart shape to put on your band-aid *It was quite time consuming to cut each little heart, so if you do not have the patients to do so I would recommend buying the foam sticker hearts (you can find find those at Joanns or Michaels)

-Glue band-aid and heart onto circle


-Last step!>Do not skip!

-Cut 2 wide rectangular shapes

*You need 2 for each stethoscope

-You are going to glue 1 rectangle to each end of the pipe cleaner

-Fold over and glue

-Grab each end and glue together

*These are by no means intended to be put in your ears!

Finished Product!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY birthday centerpieces *Doc Mcstuffins theme


So my daughters birthday is coming up and I am planning a Doc Mcstuffins birthday party for her. I started making her centerpieces and thought this was the perfect time to share my very first DIY centerpiece with you. Keep reading to learn how to make these and just so you know you can make these with ANY character as well!


-Printed character of your choice

-Card stock or scrapbook paper

-Mason jar (I picked the standard size)


-Wood sticks (I got mine at Joanns)

-Styrofoam (dollar tree has these for $1 dollar a pack)

-Tulle *you will need 2 16in x 16in pieces for each jar *You can use more than 2 pieces if you'd like


-Glue gun


-Get your characters printed and laminated *Be sure to cut your characters out before laminating them

-Glue characters to paper *only glue around edges and DO NOT GLUE bottom of character (you'll see why as we move along)

-Cut around card stock leaving about 1/2 an in around character

-This is what it should look like

STEP 2:,P>

-Cut foam into big/small enough size to fit into your mason jar *DONT PUT IT IN JUST YET

-Cut your tulle into 16in x 16in *2 pieces for each jar that way you can't see the foam in the jar

-Lay your tulle over jar


-Glue bottom of foam *glue the side that will be down at the bottom of the jar

-Push glue side down into the tulle and jar


-Break sticks in half *break of more if needed

-Stick wood in-between the paper and chacarter

-This is what it should look like *This is why I mentioned to only glue around character and not to glue bottom

While making these I accidentally glue the paper and character together and wasn't able to get the stick in-between! *stuffy the dragon was the only one I was able to stick in-between.


Now stick you character into the styrofoam and jar

Cut off any extra tulle to your liking

Much better


Last but not least

Tie the ribbon of your choice to your jar

6 simple steps, thats all!

I hope you are loving your homemade centerpieces, and had fun making them!

Come back soon for another step by step tutorial

Elf on the Shelf

I know what you might be thinking Christmas is over why are you posting about Elf on the shelf? Well let me tell you its not as easy as it looks having to come up with a different idea EVERY SINGLE DAY is hard work,It became an everyday job for a whole month! I mean I would walk up and down my house at night looking and thinking..What should Elf do next? Our Elf's name is ELF, My kids named him. How original right ?

Haven't heard of Elf on the shelf is ? click here elf on the shelf

I wanted to give you all a head start and share my ideas of what I did for the month of december for our it goes...

DAY 1: Elf made his arrival..hanging off our christmas tree

DAY 2: So sad but it must have been a very busy day because I FORGOT to get a picture of Elf that day (he was hanging from our dinning room ceiling fan)

DAY 3:Elf was caught chatting with some friends and looks like he might have a thing for barbie!

DAY 4:My kids woke up to Elf and some presents wrapped under the tree that morning..the catch was if they misbehaved in any way Elf would take a present back to north pole!

DAY 5:Elf was feeling a little too comfortable..he helped himself to some chocolate chips.Evidence is all over his mouth

DAY 6:Elf was held hostage..I guess thats what happens when you come NEW "favorite" around here.

DAY 7:The sweet revenge!

DAY 8:Elf practicing his gymnastics (my daughter does gymnastics so she thought this was so cool that Elf was doing what she does)

DAY 9:The note reads:"Dear Melrose and Princeton, I hope you don't mind that I used your marshmallows to take a bath"-The one and only ELF

DAY 10:Stuck or getting ice? Who knows..LOL

DAY 11:Elf was caught taking selfies of himself! Who doesn't love selfless!

DAY 12:Found Elf hosting a annual toy meeting in Princeton's room

DAY 13:Elf had movie night with a heath bar and some popcorn

DAY 14:Reading his very own book

DAY 15:Poor Elf, he caught a cold after coming from the north pole

DAY 16:Elf cut some snow flakes out of coffee liners

DAY 17:Looks like Elf was getting excited for christmas..he started a count down

DAY 18:ELF enjoyed himself some homemade gingerbread cookies that we made the night before

DAY 19:This day we were getting ready to leave for big bear and my kids could not find Elf anywhere and little did they know..He was already in the car buckled up and ready to go with us!

DAY 20:Elf got front seating on the drive home

DAY 21:Elf whipped up some yummy red veldt cupcakes

DAY 22:This was one of those days where I could not think of one thing to do! so here it is..Elf hanging from my sons basketball hoop..My son though it was quite funny that Elf wanted to "play" basketball

DAY 23:Sneaky little Elf wrote on Melrose and Princeton's picture

DAY 24:Elf was so excited for christmas he made a snow angel

DAY 25: CHRISTMAS DAY! Elf sat around the cookies and Milk we left out with his luggage packed and a sweet note to Melrose and Princeton along with 2 special presents especially from him.

PHEWWW..that was a long but fun 25 days of december..It was a bitter sweet moment having to say good-bye to Elf that night. Before Elf would leave I let my kids give him a big huge (my daughter was too emotional,She refused to give him a hug,she wanted nothing to do with saying good-bye to him). My son on the other hand happily gave a hug good-bye.Heres a picture from that night.

I Hope you Enjoyed our 25 days with Elf!