Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello !
Welcome to ItsMommysChoice ! My very first blog...I could not be more excited to start posting and sharing my ideas with you all!

A little about me..My name is Chandrea. I am 24 years old, And a wife and mother of two awesome children Melrose who is 4 and Princeton who is 2 (Best of both worlds). I am blessed beyond measure to be a stay-at-home mommy.

I have always been a creative type of girl but never really had a reason to put my creativity out there..But When I had my first born thats when I felt it was time to start doing what I loved..sewing then along came baking and everything else is history. When it comes to our house hold birthdays are a BIG deal, I mean as soon as one birthday is over my kids are already planning and asking the next! I started with making centerpieces for my daughters birthday..Thats when I realized that making/creating things myself was so much more fun than "just" plain old buying it from a party store when I can learn to create do/make it myself and get exactly what I want...So thats when I decided hmm maybe I should take some cake decorating classes to make those fancy (fondant) cakes and so I did (two classes to be exact). I am by no means a professional at what I do, and did not learn to do anything in one day..hey Im still not perfect.. it takes practice just like anything else but I know if I can do it any mommy can too!

And this brings me to why I started this blog in the first place, I wanted to be able share and keep track of all my ideas. I mean, whats fun without sharing right? Thank you for reading please come back for some fun post !

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  1. A while ago I pinned your tutorial on how to make a tissue number. It had the best directions, and now I'm ready to make it and the tutorial is gone. Instead it brings up dying Easter Eggs. Is there a way you can re-post that blog or send me a link for it or something? Thanks. Danielle